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1974 C J Vander Carving Set Solid Sterling Silver Serving Set 218 grams of Silve

1974 C J Vander Carving Set Solid Sterling Silver Serving Set 218 grams of Silve

A Solid Sterling Silver Serving Set in  Very Good Condition with Pistol Handle


Hallmarked For Sheffield 1974


Maker : C J Vander Ltd of London
Onslow Pattern


These are solid silver, handles are not weighted or filled. 
Silver Weight  218 grams 
Fork Length   24.5 cm /  9.5"
Knife Length 28.5 cm / 11.25"


English Onslow Pattern By C.J. Vander.

C.J. Vander was the last of England's preeminent silver firms, creating exceptional silver masterpieces using the time-honoured traditions of the silversmith's art. In fact, they were one of the last remaining English flatware makers to employ the age old method of hand forging flatware, where each piece of silver starts out as an ingot and is formed by a silversmith using a hammer. After the pieces were forged they would be hammered flat, polished, chased and decorated, and then polished again, with all of these processes accomplished by hand. Though time-consuming, such craftsmanship ensured a product that was superior in every possible way. It was this firm's steadfast commitment to quality that made them the favourite of both royalty and nobility alike throughout Europe. 


Please note that all old silver will have certain signs of age and use, they will not be perfect or as new. We will however detail and bring to your attention anything we consider significant.
Please get back to us if you have a problem or need further assistance.

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